Stacy St Germain is a Certified Nutrition Therapist focused on supporting others in their discovery of health through the application of diet and lifestyle changes based on individual needs and phase of life.

Supplements Supporting Weight Loss

Supporting weight loss goals is hard. It needs work on diet and lifestyle, understanding stress, a powerful digestion, and balance of hormones. Weight loss is full of setbacks and plateaus and it takes time. The whole process can be frustrating and exhausting. Positive feedback is a helpful indication you’re on the right track.  In weight …

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Meal Timing Salad

Meal Timing for Healthy Metabolism

Timing when you eat can often be as important to your health goals as what you are eating. There are peak times for when your body is best able to take in food and use it for nutrients and energy.

Circadian Rhythm Metabolism

What is Circadian Rhythm?

What is Circadian Rhythm? Do you struggle with Falling or staying asleep? Afternoon fatigue? Stubborn weight loss? High blood sugar? You may be experiencing disrupted Circadian Rhythms and some simple changes to lifestyle patterns could be part of the solution. Circadian rhythm is the physical, mental, and behavioral patterns of all animals, plants, and microbes …

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Cooking with kids!

Pandemic Support for Kids

COVID-19 has drastically changed the daily routine for families.  With everyone at home and school now conducted online we understand all the challenges first hand.  Our recommendations aim to support parents and children during this unprecedented time. Before all else, kids need LOVE and COMFORT.  They miss their friends, schools, and routines.  They feel your tension and hear …

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love what you eat

Do You Love What You Eat?  Your Answer Can Impact Weight Loss

I believe it’s a coffee commercial that shows a woman holding a precious fresh cup of steaming coffee.  Her young kids are running through the house and there is chaos all around her, yet she calmly inhales the aroma of her coffee, takes a slow drink, exhales, and then smiles contentedly. I’m often reminded of this …

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adjust sleep schedule

Adjusting Your Sleep Schedule for Back to School (and other events)

For my family, one of the most difficult transitions about going back to school is adjusting to the new sleep schedule.  Summertime camps generally start later than school schedules.  This also tends to be when we fit in our vacations and trips so traveling across time zones or sleeping in new places play a big factor. All …

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