Jen Marshall, CNT

Jen Marshall, CNT


I’m Jen, the nutrition geek behind Be Balanced Healing. I’m an eater, a dog and nature lover, a traveler, a voracious learner and a passionate educator. I believe in laughter, gratitude, and dark chocolate. I’m glad you’re here.

My Personal Story

I’ve always loved eating. I grew up in a large Italian family outside of Boston where food was the centerpiece of all activities. Food represented love, community, and comfort. My grandmothers were amazing cooks who, along with my mother, taught me the pleasure of eating. I value that food brings people together. My goal with nutrition therapy is not to create good and bad foods but rather educate that food is information to your body. Which foods leave you energized and which deplete you? When we start listening to our bodies it becomes easier to tell.

I became interested in health and nutrition out of necessity. I was only in my 20s but was already feeling worn out. I was living in Jackson Hole and unable to keep up with my friends while hiking and snowboarding. That was the first time my health impacted my lifestyle and it motivated me to seek change. (I thought my allergies and digestive problems were “normal” so I just lived with them.) I was anemic and the cheap iron supplements I was prescribed weren’t working. The doctor recommended I see a nutritionist. She taught me which foods were abundant sources and which foods blocked absorption. Within a couple of months I was feeling better. But no one ever asked “why” I was anemic. The crippling stomach pain and bloating started a few years later forcing me to leave social engagements – again my lifestyle was impacted which bugged me. Then the allergies really kicked in and I couldn’t hike or spend time outside in the spring – my favorite time of year. Over these years I started seeking natural medicine advice, getting acupuncture and peeling back the layers of my ailments. A stressful job compounded my issues. First it was food sensitivities, then gut infections, then exhausted adrenals. It all came back to my gut and diet. I wanted to learn more so I could help myself and others.

Jen’s Specialties

Adults and teenagers

Digestion – IBS, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, SIBO, heartburn/ GERD, H. Pylori, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Celiac, parasites, yeast/ candida


Allergies – food, environmental, and seasonal

Skin rashes and breakouts

Hormones – male and female

Blood sugar imbalances

Adrenal “fatigue”



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