Stacy St Germain, CNT

Stacy St Germain, CNT


I am a Certified Nutrition Therapist focused on supporting others in their discovery of health through the application of diet and lifestyle changes based on individual needs and phase of life.

My Personal Story

Prior to joining the field of nutrition, I worked in a high-pressure global corporate setting. I’d been fighting fatigue, weight highs and crashes and wild hormone imbalance. My body wasn’t getting the nutrients that it needed and my digestion wasn’t able to absorb what it was provided. The worst of it was that I didn’t even know I was sick! So, I kept getting worse.

It wasn’t until I began to experience debilitating back pain that I realized I needed a new approach. After over a decade of experience in the high-tech world, I was getting a wake-up call about my health.

Looking toward the healing properties of food, I began studying nutrition and my body’s response. With time and manageable lifestyle changes I was able to bring balance and vibrancy back to my life. Looking around me at my corporate world, I realized other people needed help too.

I began studying at Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, Colorado and discovered a new appreciation of the human body. I realized that when we tune into our own unique bio-physiology we can support our bodies, using food and nutrients, through all phases of life.

I believe that our bodies are more sophisticated than we understand and more amazing than we believe.

I most enjoy helping my clients reach their own goals to achieve a higher potential and inner peace through the balance of personal health and successful career.

I also have two children and believe educating and supporting youth leaves lasting impressions. My philosophy with children is based on education.  I show kids why the foods they eat nourish or fail to nourish their bodies, so they are enabled to make positive choices as young adults.  I do not believe in hiding vegetables in sweet treats, but rather in helping kids learn ways they can enjoy vegetables.  I do believe in desserts.  Most importantly, I believe in every child’s ability to grow and thrive on real food.

I have over 800 hours of training in the science and application of holistic nutrition therapy and am currently pursuing a master-level certification with a focused thesis on the nutritional benefits of sleep.

Stacy’s Specialties

Weight Management


Sleep Disturbances

Stomach Pain & Reflux (GERD)

Hormone Imbalance & Transitions

Children ages 2 and up:

Focus & Concentration

Mood, Behavior & Anxiety

Growth & Development

Picky Eating

Digestion & Food Allergies

Eczema and acne

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