Getting started FAQ

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How do I work with you?
We offer private, one-on-one consultations in person at our office in south Boulder. We also offer phone or Skype meetings for out of town clients.


How do I get started?
There are two ways to get started:


  1. Meet & Greet: We offer a free 20-minute “meet and greet” consultation where we discuss your goals and our philosophy and structure for helping you achieve those goals.
  2. Initial Intake Appointment: The first appointment is a 90-minute intake where we dive into your goals, history and current symptoms, and start formulating a plan. Please see below for instructions to download and fill out your intake forms.


You may start with either option.


How do I schedule an appointment?
Click HERE to schedule online. Choose either the “Meet & Greet” or “Initial Intake Appointment”.


You may also call us directly at (303) 872-9695 or email at


When scheduling the “Initial Intake Appointment”, please see below for instructions to download and fill out your intake forms.


What is the structure of appointments?
After your initial intake appointment we recommend follow up appointments every 2-4 weeks. Regular appointments provide accountability to help you stay on track and for us to amend your plan based on how your body is responding. We believe in implementing small, attainable changes so that your plan is not overwhelming. In the beginning we may meet every 2 weeks as we’re building your plan. As time goes on we’ll space them out further.


What happens at appointments?
We discuss your goals, your history, and your current symptoms, along with your lifestyle and habits related to sleep, stress and daily environments. We provide education about your body, how it got to this place and how to rebalance it. We like to draw diagrams and use charts and pictures to explain what’s going on. You leave with clear action items. At your follow up appointments we check on those action items to determine what’s working and what’s not. We continue to tweak your plan, and gather more info with testing as needed, until you reach your goals.


How many appointments will I need?
This is hard to estimate. It depends on your goals and your body – the complexities of imbalances and how quickly your body responds. Some folks get what they need and feel better in 4 sessions, for others it takes 12 to 24 months. Remember that it likely took years for your body to get this way, so healing and unraveling those challenges with functional nutrition, which delves into the root cause, can take a little while.


What are your rates?
90-minute Initial Intake Appointment is $195.
60-minute Follow up Appointments are $110 each.

We also offer discounted packages:
6 Appt. Package is $630 (includes the Initial Intake Appt. and 5 Follow ups)
4 Appt. Package is $470 (includes the Initial Intake Appt. and 3 Follow ups)


Where are you located?
Be Balanced Healing is located at 350 Broadway, Suite 200, Boulder CO 80305 within the Boulder Natural Health clinic.  See the map at the bottom on this page.


Do you take insurance?
We do not take insurance. If nutrition services were recommended by your doctor you may be able to use your HSA or FSA card for appointments, supplements and lab costs. Please ask your doctor.



Before your Initial Intake Appointment please download, print, and fill out these two forms:


  1. Intake Form  |  2. Disclaimer


Allow for 20 minutes. The intake form contains a 4-day diet journal so please plan accordingly.


It’s ideal if you can return the forms to us 2 days before your appointment so your nutritionist can review in advance and start formulating your plan. This helps to maximize your time together.


Options to return the intake forms:


  • Download, print and fill out the form by hand, then
    • scan and email the completed copy to
    • drop off at our office (350 Broadway, Suite 200, Boulder, CO 80305). You may leave it at the front desk on a Monday – Friday.
    • mail to 350 Broadway, Suite 200, Boulder CO 80305.


  • If neither of those options is possible, please bring the completed forms to your appointment.


Thank you!

Are you ready to schedule?

Click HERE to schedule online. Choose either the “Meet & Greet” or “Initial Intake Appointment”.

If you have further questions not addressed here we invite you to set up a Meet & Greet appointment so we can discuss further. We look forward to meeting you and helping you feel vibrant again!