Allergy Relief

Are you plagued with seasonal allergies?

Do itchy eyes, runny nose or sinus congestion rule your spring, summer or fall months? Are you trapped inside for weeks unable to hike, bike, walk your dog, or garden? Have you grown to dread blooming trees and flowers?   Do sneezing fits keep you up at night or have co-workers saying “bless you” multiple times in a row? Do you live on allergy medication so you can snuggle with your cat?

We know allergies.  Jen was an allergy sufferer for most of her life – in Massachusetts and Colorado. The sinus pain and fatigue followed her across the country. Jen spent most of spring, her favorite time of year, stuck inside. Then she learned how to calm her immune system.

Allergies are a result of a hyper-active immune system that has decided that pollen or pet dander, normally harmless substances, are invaders. Your immune system freaks out and causes an inflammatory response. The secret is to calm the inflammation and get your immune system out of overdrive. How do we do this?

Here are the factors we’ll explore:

  • Optimize digestion: since most of your immune system is in your digestive tract, a well-functioning gut makes for happy, balanced immunity
  • Inflammatory foods: to calm the overall inflammatory response we remove foods that your immune system has targeted as invaders
  • Anti-inflammatory foods:   maximize consumption of foods and nutrients that calm and balance the immune response
  • Excess histamine: it’s possible to have too much; we’ll find out why
  • Toxin exposure:   more foreign invaders keeping the immune cells on high alert
  • Stress reduction: stress can affect the gut/ immune relationship
  • Microbiome balance (the trillions of microorganisms or probiotics in your digestive tract): they play a role in managing inflammation
  • Hygiene and trigger avoidance: within your home or workspace to reduce irritants
  • Synergistic referrals to acupuncturists and allergy doctors when needed

Together we’ll create a customized plan so you’ll be able to get back outside and enjoy your favorite activities with your dog, or stay inside and breathe easily while hanging with your kitty.

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Nutrition therapy is not intended as a diagnosis, treatment, prescription, or cure for any disease, or as a substitute for medical care.

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