Our philosophy

holistic nutrition

Our Philosophy

Jen Marshall created Be Balanced Healing in 2013 under the following guiding principles. These values are part of our life and the practice. We strive to pass them along to our clients.


Our bodies are always trying to get back to a state of balance, a process called homeostasis. Given the right tools and ingredients, we will find balance again. Our lives are a constant juggling exercise. When we find balance, things fall into place.

We help you find balance internally with nutrients and externally at home, work, and play. We meet you where you are and help you incorporate lasting lifestyle changes, without spending all of your time in the kitchen. Yes, cooking is part of this, but we’ll show you how to be efficient and balance it with the rest of the wonderful things in your life.

Jen founded the practice on her balanced interests: half spiritual, half scientific. Stacy’s journey in health led her down a similar path and is a synergistic addition to the practice. You’ll also see that we’re wholly authentic and like to laugh.

Holistic Nutrition

We practice holistic nutrition, which means we:

  • Use real, unprocessed foods with healing nutrients to promote health
  • Help you identify the right foods for your unique body at this time of your life
  • Support the balance of macronutrient and micronutrient needs based on your body’s biochemistry
  • Consider and optimize the external situations that affect your health such as stress, sleep, environmental toxins, mindfulness, and having time for play and happiness
  • Apply a root-cause approach to promote healing from within

Functional Nutrition

Jen practices functional nutrition, which includes:

  • Finding the root cause with deep detective work, including functional lab testing
  • Utilizing knowledge of biochemistry and science
  • Evidence-based methodologies
  • A natural healing approach to find optimal health using real food
  • Belief that the mind and body are one and the same
  • Mindfulness practices to connect with our spiritual side and the importance of laughter and fun to create the right conditions for healing

Health Starts in the Gut

We believe a healthy gut is the foundation for a healthy body and mind. The digestive system is responsible for many processes that keep the body functioning optimally, including absorbing nutrients, reducing inflammation, supporting your immune system, proper detoxification and the production of important neurotransmitters.
  • Digestion is the source of nutrients that power the functions of your body
  • The gut is home to the microbiome (the ecosystem of friendly bacteria), which influences digestion, inflammation, immune function, brain health, detoxification, hormone balance and metabolism (weight loss and mood are affected by your gut!)
  • The gut houses most of your immune system to fight off invaders (colds & the flu) and to regulate inflammation and autoimmunity with your microbiome
  • We are fascinated with the gut and are constantly learning more about it and how it relates to the rest of the body


We will teach you how your body works. Education provides empowerment so you can take charge of your own health. We like to use diagrams, draw pictures and give little biochemistry lessons.

Passion and Tenacity

We’re passionate about sharing health with others and using tenacity to find the root cause of your ailments. We’re dedicated to solving your puzzle, with your commitment. Are you ready?

Curious to see how our nutrition counseling can help you?