Jill Dopp

Jill Dopp health coach

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC) and Nutrition Therapist Master (NTM)

As a health coach, I believe that “one size does not fit all” when it comes to diet, exercise, and other lifestyle strategies. Let’s figure out what works best for you and have fun along the way.

My Personal Story

For nearly three decades, I was running, running, running! Maybe you can relate? First, I consulted for fast-paced, high-tech start-up companies, and then became co-owner of a busy, profitable HVAC company alongside raising a family, living on acreage, volunteering, and whatever I could do to serve others.

While I was blessed to manage my own schedule, I put my own health on the shelf and figured I would deal with it “later.” Well, later definitely came sooner than I expected! In hindsight, I ignored the signs of poor health because I didn’t have the tools to recognize what was happening to me or to help me change.

As time marched on, I gained excess weight, which wouldn’t leave no matter how hard I tried, and I rarely experienced a good night’s sleep. Everyone else I knew was going through the same thing, so I didn’t have anyone close to turn to for help.

After a very rocky perimenopause season and an osteopenia diagnosis, I knew I needed help, but I also knew that I wanted to avoid conventional medicine as much as possible. 

Fortunately, I found nutrition counseling, which opened my eyes to the types of nourishment my body needed to survive. It took a while to change my lifestyle habits, but, in time, I rocked my sleep, lost the menopause weight, and halted my osteopenia to the point that I am no longer just surviving, but I’m thriving.

Instead of waking up every day exhausted and dreading others’ expectations, I am joyful, grateful, and excited to greet the challenges that come my way. And as an integrative nutrition health coach, I truly enjoy sharing my experiences and expertise with others to help them discover their own way to better health.

I currently live in Tucson, Arizona, with my husband and dog, Bentley, where we enjoy the warm weather by hiking, playing golf, gardening, and sitting by the pool.

My husband and I own Dopp Health Solutions, a health and wellness company focused on a comprehensive approach to healthy living that includes both the quality of your indoor environment and the nourishment you provide your body. With our combined expertise in indoor air quality and nutrition therapy, we offer holistic solutions to enhance your overall well-being.

Jill’s Specialties

As the Health Coach at Be Balanced Healing, I help clients with the “how-to” of implementing diet and lifestyle changes. Learn more about Health Coaching and if working with me is right for you by visiting our Health Coaching page.

Education and Credentials

“Jill has helped so much with the day-to-day obstacles that are a real challenge for me, such as time and finances. She provided lists of gluten free healthy foods I can order from local restaurants, options for less expensive foods, and as always, lots of recipes.”

Kelly H.

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