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We love to witness the physical and mental-emotional transformations our clients experience. It’s absolutely possible to balance health in our busy lives and use food as medicine. Here are real stories from some of our clients’ successes.


Shannon G.

I came to Jen because of crippling anxiety that was waking me up in the early hours of the morning and negatively affecting my life. Jen helped to uncover the underlying causes of my anxiety. Through a multi-layered approach using food, herbs and nutrients, Jen helped to balance my hormones, eradicate a GI infection, and healed my gut. My anxiety is gone, and I am feeling great! Jen is so knowledgeable, approachable, and wonderful to work with. 

Josh C.

Before seeing Jen, I struggled to enjoy food and feel nourished. Right away, Jen was able to help shift the way I was thinking about food and with some tests, I learned A LOT about my body that I would have never known. Jen helped me to heal my body and relationship to food in ways I could have never imagined. Jen is always thoughtful, creative, and compassionate. I have recommended Jen to many of my friends and extend that recommendation to anyone else!

Beth Mazzola, M.D.

As an allopathic physician, I have high standards in who I pick to see for my medical issues. Jen Marshall with Be Balanced Healing has met and exceeded my expectations. Her enthusiasm, kindness, humility and tenacity made it a joy to work with her for the past 13 month. Her knowledge goes beyond a typical nutritionist and as a result, she has solved many mysterious medical issues I have had for years. My life is forever changed by Jen and I am eternally grateful.

Sue M.

I’ve worked with a lot of different practitioners over the years to figure out my digestive issues and have at last made progress with Jen. She is BEYOND BRILLIANT in her ability to synthesize all the moving parts such as ordering and interpreting the appropriate lab work and making dietary and supplement recommendations. She is not extreme or unrealistic like others I’ve worked with who have recommended I never eat anything except what I carry in a cooler with me every day. She helps you to make lifestyle changes that are doable and she is a total joy to work with.

Liza H.

Jen has helped me heal by connecting ALL of the dots in a way no medical professional ever has. I’d sought help in the past from other integrative practitioners who believed my contradictory test results made sense. Jen, like an investigator following the clues, chose to dig deeper and recognized there was more to the story. She has helped me with multiple and complex issues, creating custom plans for me because of the intersecting nature of my problems. She has also made important referrals in my healing when I needed to see other modalities. Jen has been an enormous help to me and I highly recommend her!

Sarah L.

I came to Stacy with gut problems and discovered I had SIBO. While the healing journey is never easy or fast, Stacy listened to every step forward and back that I took in the process. She helped me overcome the lows during the worst of my gut disfunction and helped me find healing naturally through food, herbal supplements, and emotional well-being.

Jef H.

I had been putting off working with a nutritionist for so long because I was told to take Prevacid for the rest of my life. Lo and behold, Prevacid was the reason why I was feeling worse and worse. Through working with Jen, we eventually figured out that I had hypochlorhydria and an imbalanced gut microbiome. There were times where I was incredibly frustrated and wanted to stop the process, but thankfully, Jen reassured me that the healing process takes a while. Sure enough, she was right. My only regret is that I had listened to my gut sooner and sought Jen’s help years ago.

Darryl D.

After almost two years of intermittent, irregular viral-like episodes that included brain fog and very low energy, and after I had ruled out possible causes from the areas of infectious disease, endocrinology, immunology, and rheumatology, a functional medicine doctor recommended Jen Marshall, a nutritionist with whom he’s collaborated for several years. Over the last 13 months, Jen has identified my symptoms as a combination of leaky gut syndrome, gut bacteria overgrowth, and general systemic inflammation. All of these symptoms occurred when tipping points where reached from eating foods I had unknowingly become allergic to. I owe Jen a great deal because for months I have felt healthy, alert, and energized. Her protocols have literally given me a new lease on life, for which I am exceedingly grateful.

Carol D.

When I first came to Jen Marshall, I was desperate and frustrated with my health journey. I was immediately impressed by her breadth of knowledge and experience, as well as her cheerful demeanor. Jen’s approach put me at ease even when she proposed protocols that no one had introduced before. She’s taken the time to listen to me and she has made herself available after hours, which I especially appreciate. Jen has taken me through many highs and lows. With her guidance, I’ve been able to peel back many of the layers to get at the root of my symptoms. Even though my journey isn’t over, I’m confident that the end is in sight. I highly recommend Jen because she’s helped me tremendously.

Debra D.

Stacy is awesome! Working with Stacy was life-changing. I was overweight and facing long-term health concerns and thought I’d tried everything. She taught me about how food is important to my body in ways I could understand and use and held me accountable. Stacy really cared about my goals and never gave up. I lost over 40 pounds in a manageable and sustainable way! I eat normal food, have energy, and enjoy the best of my life in a healthy balance.

Tracy B.

Jen has helped my family so much. She is knowledgeable, passionate, realistic, and efficient. She is a great educator and meets you where you are, all the while, encouraging you every step of the way. Jen sends you a follow-up email with everything you talked about — recommendations and even recipes!

Kelsey B.

Jen Marshall opened my eyes to what it feels like to actually be healthy. I was working out every day trying to address a round tummy that wouldn’t budge. No matter what I did, I always felt inflated. By working with Jen, I discovered food intolerances/sensitivities that were holding me back from feeling my best. I’ve since cut dairy and gluten, feel amazing and no longer am compelled to slave away at the gym every day. Without her help, I’m sure I wouldn’t feel as in control and in balance as I do today.

Becky S.

Before working with Stacy, I felt a little helpless in my situation. After just one conversation I knew I had a partner in this challenging journey. Stacy puts so much thought and work into creating a comprehensive plan of action that ranges from dietary changes, supplements, and holistic remedies. She is able to hold accountability and support with the same gentle care. You will want her in your corner!

Karina S.

When I was referred to Jen, I was having frequent stomach aches, generally low energy and just didn’t feel good. After talking to my primary care physician and some specialists who just cited stress, it was so refreshing to see Jen work to get to the bottom of the “why” of my symptoms. We went through several paths of various supplements and life changes to land on the right combination for me. I learned a lot in terms of how my body works. This has made me more mindful of my choices, and I’m happy to report that I feel fantastic – great energy, optimal digestion and I feel younger than I am. I highly recommend this personalized approach. Thanks, Jen!

Mary R.

When I first started seeing Jen, I was sick, tired, underweight, and reacting to almost every food I ate. She helped me figure out foods and recipes that worked for me and most importantly explained the why and how of everything that was going on in my body. Jen eventually helped me overcome SIBO with diet and supplements, and after working with her for a year and a half my diet is varied, my energy levels are normal, and I was even confident enough to travel to Southeast Asia with no food sensitivities and a strong gut. I would put my trust in Jen again and again—she helped me enormously with her incredibly comprehensive approach and made more of a difference than any doctor I’ve ever visited!

Barbara L.

I have enjoyed working with Jen Marshall for Crohn’s Disease with bodily inflammation. With Jen’s enthusiastic personality I’ve always felt comfortable sharing how my body is coping with the protocols she administers. I appreciate how she promotes collaboration with my other practitioners along with her natural and scientific approach to identifying the root cause of my symptoms. I highly recommend Jen; she is very passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated to her clients.

Jessica B.

I found Be Balanced Healing when I was really struggling with histamine and gut issues. I was reacting to everything I was eating. I had seen several different doctors, all of which told me “it’s just allergies, take some Claritin or Benadryl”. I knew it wasn’t “just allergies”. I was aware of my gut issues but couldn’t figure out what was causing my histamine issues. I met Stacy and started seeing improvement from day one. Instead of putting a bandaid on my symptoms, she got to the “why”  Why is all of this happening? Why is my body creating excess histamine? Where is the excess histamine coming from? Every time I left the office, I walked out with a road map of what we were trying. On that map was “if this happens, then we’ll take this route” or “if this doesn’t work, we’ll do this”. I saw immediate improvement in my issues. I finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel. I knew WHY these things were happening to me. The “why” is the most important factor in healing, and Stacy helped me find my “why”.

Renee G.

I had a heart attack 7 months prior to visiting Jen. The thing is, I had a rare type of heart attack. One that is not caused by plaque buildup or the typical poor eating habits. Mine was from a tear in an artery. No known cause and no known cure. Beyond the emotional toll this took on me, I also didn’t feel my healthy self and my doctors kept suggesting more prescriptions. This didn’t seem right. Amy Lynn with Root Wellness Studio recommended Jen to me. I had my initial meeting with Jen and, after hearing that she knew her stuff, decided to purchase her 4-session package. It has been the best health decision I’ve ever made! Within in the first and second appointment I noticed an improvement in my health. Jen took the time to understand my past, where I was currently and what I wanted to accomplish with her. She took the time to hear my concerns about reaching my health goals and tailored my monthly plans so I would succeed on my terms. It has been incredible! I feel healthier than prior to my heart attack and I’m more aware of how to maintain my health and be gentle and patient with myself as I take on this new journey. I highly recommend Jen! She is caring, compassionate, funny and smart. I only wish I’d met her years ago.

Diana W.

Jen Marshall is a brilliant, compassionate & helpful nutritionist. I feel privileged to counsel with her as she helps me optimize my health & wellness. I feel supported, healthier, and on track to be the best I can be. I highly recommend her services Thanks so much Jen!

Avery H.

I have been struggling with stomach issues for several years now, and I can confidently say that working with Stacy has been my best health decision so far. Stacy is extremely detail oriented and will go out of her way to address your specific needs. She is organized and has you leaving each session with a customized health plan. With her diet and nutrition recommendations, my stomach/gut health has improved drastically in just a few months. She makes me feel comfortable, safe, and strong. I would recommend for anyone to work with Stacy at Be Balanced Healing.

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