Healthy weight loss

healthy weight loss program

Are you frustrated by diet plans?

Do you have unwanted weight? Have you tried multiple diets to help support weight loss and found none of them achieve your goals? Are you frustrated by the cycle of endless restrictions and reward?

A healthy weight loss program

Stop battling food!

This weight loss program takes a holistic approach to weight loss that is about so much more than macro ratios, tracking calories and spending hours at the gym.

Everyone agrees that nutritious whole foods are important to weight loss and that exercise is necessary for health and longevity. But these aren’t the only tools available to lose weight.

This program includes a comprehensive metabolic profiling test to evaluate the functions of
key pathways to weight loss, including

  • Digestive Health
  • Nutritional and vitamin status
  • Metabolism and the way your body is using food for energy

There are many reasons why your body may be reluctant to shed excess fat, and those reasons are unique to each and every one of us. Discovering those reasons is the foundation of holistic weight loss.

Stop Battling Food is a healthy weight loss program that takes a step back and looks at the bigger picture and then applies these insights as changes you can make to support sustainable weight loss.

Five Foundational Factors Influencing Weight

We’ll look at ways that each of these foundational factors can be influencing your goals:

relationship with food

Your relationship with food

Did you know that the way you perceive food is directly linked to the biochemical responses associated with weight gain? We’ll look closely at how your approach to eating may be affecting your ability to achieve your goals.

nutritional status

Your nutritional status

Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids (broken-down proteins) are essential to helping your body turn the foods you eat into energy and using stored energy (fat). We’ll use testing analysis with diet and targeted supplementation to help improve your metabolism.

Your digestion

If you’re not breaking food down and absorbing nutrients optimally then your body is still “hungry,” despite what you know about the calories you’ve just consumed. We’ll look at signs your digestion is impaired and help you make changes to support healing that maximizes digestive performance.


Your hormone balances

Hormones are our body’s messengers, and some of them are sending messages that may be impacting the way that your body turns what you eat into fat storage versus energy. We’ll look at ways to influence these messages by making changes to diet and lifestyle.


Inflammation you may be carrying

Inflammation has many sources, and all are signals to the body that conditions are not safe to release any stored fat. We’ll look at potential signs and sources and put you on a path toward reducing inflammation in order to support your other weight loss efforts.

What do you get with our healthy weight-loss program?

Work with a nutritionist who is as dedicated to your goals as you are. The package includes 4 personal appointments in office or over video conference:

One 90-Minute Intake Appointment where we’ll get all the details about your health goals and history and get you started with bonus a foundational cleanse.

One 90-Minute Follow-Up Appointment and lab review with nutritional
recommendations to fit your goals.

The OMX Organic Metabalomics lab test results.

Two 30-Minute Check Ins to make sure you’re on the right course.

What is the OMX Organic Metabalomics lab?

Much like an emissions test measures how your car engine runs, OMX helps us understand
how your body uses the foods you eat to support systems of health. OMX report includes:

We’ll use these results to build a targeted plan to emphasize diet changes and
supplemental nutrients (as needed) to help you achieve your health goals without

In each appointment, you’ll walk away with:

  • Personal guidance and a plan of action​
  • Individual coaching with gentle accountability​
  • Customized tips and recipes to help get you on a sustainable journey​
  • Suggestions for lifestyle changes that you can live with​
  • OMX Organic Metabolomics Lab testing by Diagnostic Solutions and interpretation
  • Recommendations for supplements to cover your exact nutritional deficiencies (as needed)*​

*Supplements are recommended for individual need and are in addition to the cost of the package.
*Some foundational factors may warrant additional lab testing. Additional lab testing and any appointments that correspond to reviewing lab results are in addition to the package and based on each person’s individual need.

This entire package is available to you for $889 and includes:

* Additional phlebotomy charges will apply

Nutrition therapy is not intended as a diagnosis, treatment, prescription, or cure for any disease, or as a substitute for medical care. Jen Marshall and Stacy St Germain are not licensed medical providers. Nutrition plans are not intended as a substitution for traditional medical care, nor should be interpreted as medical advice, but instead is an adjunctive and supportive therapy.

This program is not intended to be a quick fix. While some people may achieve their weight goals during the course of this program, the purpose of this package is to set you on the path toward sustainable health that reflects the best possible version of yourself.

Your Weight-Loss Guide – Stacy St Germain

Growing up, I was a skinny kid who never thought much about food. As the other girls started to grow and get curvy, I didn’t. I decided that if I could eat more, I might start to look like them. Eventually I did, of course, but it was a result of puberty, not calorie intake. It did start a cascade of eating for the wrong reasons and weight gain that took years to correct.

Researchers say that 80-90% of people who diet gain back the weight they lost. I believe that we can be successful when we take a holistic approach that includes our whole body’s systems — physically and emotionally.

Stacy St Germain

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