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Our nutrition programs

Be Balanced Healing offers fixed-priced programs for clients who wish to address a specific goal — such as finding out if you need to go gluten-free — as well as self-directed programs you can complete at home. These programs are an affordable and convenient option for individuals whose schedule doesn’t allow for one-on-one nutrition coaching.

Is Gluten Free for Me? Gluten Sensitivity Testing Program

gluten sensitivity testing
Going gluten-free could help you experience more energy, clearer skin, better digestion, weight loss, improved mood, and fewer headaches. Get started with our gluten sensitivity testing program and get everything you need to go gluten-free!

21-Day Cleanse

Have you been eating too much sugar? Or not eating enough vegetables? Feeling tired and achy? Not sleeping well? Mood been a little off? The Be Balanced 21-Day Cleanse is perfect for you. This 3-week cleanse is designed to give you a nutrition reboot. It gives you step-by-step directions on how to eat whole, unprocessed foods while taking a break from inflammatory foods like sugar and wheat.
detox cleanse

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