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polyunsaturated fats

Check Your Fat – Inflammatory Oils

My family started a huge remodel on our house in January of this year. Since then, and since COVID, my family has lived in 6 different places. My kids were set to go to school, then they weren’t, and now they’re back in school (sort-of). Every time we get settled...

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Time for change

The Influence of Habit on Health

With all the recent health, community and world stressors, have you developed some unwanted habits that are now getting in the way of your goals? Eating more sugary foods Increased intake of caffeine or alcohol Not eating enough vegetables Put on some unwanted weight Lost some muscle tone You may...

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New life

This Virus Became Very Personal for Me

The pandemic has impacted everyone in some way – lost jobs, homeschooling, social isolation, economic worries and health concerns. For me it’s been the health aspect. Several of my close friends work in hospitals here in Colorado and back home in Boston. Sadly, several of mine and my friends’ family...

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Stress free

Stress, Anxiety & Isolation Support

Stress weakens our immune system the most.  However, this is a very stressful time.  We all need to do our best to stay calm and manage our stress levels.  Worrying isn’t going to keep you or your loved ones safe.  But decreasing your cortisol levels will.  We know, this is hard! But...

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