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Can Certain Foods Increase Thyroid Function

Can Certain Foods Increase Thyroid Function?

How to eat for your ideal thyroid health. Hypothyroid or low thyroid function is a common ailment especially among women; we see it daily with our clients. Some people are even taking thyroid medication and have “normal” lab results but still experience symptoms. There are many nutrients needed for optimal...

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Insulin Resistance and Weight Loss

As spring arrives and you look forward to shedding the sweaters of winter you may be considering a diet to help you shed some extra winter pounds.  If you’ve tried restrictive diets that “should” work but don’t then you are not alone. In fact, 95% of calorie-restrictive diets fail, even...

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Do Saturated Fats Raise Cholesterol

Do Saturated Fats Raise Cholesterol?

How to lower your heart disease risk with nutrition February is heart health month so it’s a good time to dispel many of the cholesterol myths. Often our clients come to their appointment with their latest cholesterol labs and have been told that they need to lower their cholesterol to...

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Improve Digestion

Balance Stress to Improve Digestion

For me, the year 2020 often felt like a period of constant stress everywhere from low to moderate and high.  This may even be one of the few times that being bored was actually stressful.  We’ve turned the page on the calendar and are trying to be optimistic for 2021. ...

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