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Joy and Health Jump
Healthy Living

How Joy Affects Health

When we’re having fun and experiencing true joy, we feel good, usually both mentally and physically. Experiencing joy releases the brain chemicals serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals, known as neurotransmitters, are major plays for creating a happy mood and a relaxed well-being.

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Meal Timing Salad
Weight loss

Meal Timing for Healthy Metabolism

Timing when you eat can often be as important to your health goals as what you are eating. There are peak times for when your body is best able to take in food and use it for nutrients and energy.

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thyroid and gut health

Thyroid and Gut Health

Thyroid diseases and gut issues often go hand in hand. Not only do hormones produced by the thyroid affect digestive health, digestive issues can cause …

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insulin resistance weight loss

Insulin Resistance and Weight Loss

Most research agrees that diets based on calorie restriction fail. You may need to consider the relationship between insulin resistance and weight loss.

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Circadian Rhythm Metabolism
Healthy Living

What is Circadian Rhythm?

What is Circadian Rhythm? Do you struggle with Falling or staying asleep? Afternoon fatigue? Stubborn weight loss? High blood sugar? You may be experiencing disrupted …

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Can Certain Foods Increase Thyroid Function

Can Certain Foods Increase Thyroid Function?

How to eat for your ideal thyroid health. Hypothyroid or low thyroid function is a common ailment especially among women; we see it daily with …

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