A Balanced Approach to Keto: Is Keto Right for Me?

CNN reported in December that the #1 health-related question that hit Google last year was “What is the Keto Diet?”. If you’re still wondering “What is the Keto Diet?”, check out our blog post from December 3rd. The fact that this diet approach has gained popularity...

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A Balanced Approach to Keto Series: What is the Ketogenic Diet?

Fat What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see that word? Fear? Disgust? Frustration? With all of the history and social-emotional stigma about dietary fat, it does seem surprising that a diet that reaches upward of 75% of your caloric intake from fat...

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Healthy AND Delicious Holiday Recipes

Happy Holiday Season! Stacy and I have compiled our favorite holiday recipes.  It’s true – holiday food can be delicious AND healthy.  Whether it’s hosting, entertaining house guests or bringing a dish to share, we’ve got a variety of yummy and seasonal recipes to...

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Halloween Candy: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I recently read a report that said Americans purchase nearly 600 million pounds of candy for Halloween each year!  Another statistic on Halloween candy said that the average American kid consumes about 3 cups of sugar -that's almost 170 sugar cubes in a single night!...

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Healthy Lunchbox Hacks & Snacks

School has been in session now for several weeks.  My picky 5th grader likes to take a lunchbox to school and I started to notice many food items coming back mostly untouched.  When questioned, I expected the same usual response about not having time to eat between...

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Amy lost 21 lbs and counting going gluten-free

When I first met Amy she told me she’d always battled her weight and was tired of the constant struggle. She said she gains by just “looking at food.” She also had arthritis in her knee, her digestion was not ideal, and she felt sluggish during the day. Amy had just...

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Why I Don’t Eat Gluten

Four years ago I was flying back to Colorado from my original home in Boston.  It was the evening after my uncle’s funeral. He died of lung cancer; which still surprises me.  I was alone on this leg of my journey and emotionally vulnerable. While in Logan airport I...

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Choosing a Good Sunscreen

Sun exposure is great for your brain, bones, and skin.  It can improve mood and sleep quality plus relieve stress.  It provides all these benefits due to its ability to create vitamin D.  (Learn more about Vitamin D here.). However, too much sun causes sunburn,...

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Bone Broth Recipes

Bone broths are loaded with collagen and gelatin, which are good for skin and joints and instrumental in healing the digestive lining.  It's also loaded with anti-inflammatory amino acids, vitamins and minerals which makes it a healthful remedy for nearly every...

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Natural Flu Prevention

“This Flu Season is the Worst in Nearly a Decade” reads the headline on the New York Times. Are you looking around at all the stuffy, red noses and wondering, “What can I do to boost my defenses so I don’t get it (again)?”, or maybe you’re already sick and trying to...

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Digestion Connection: Seasonal Allergies and Your Gut

I write about this topic every spring because I personally know that spring allergies are so annoying and debilitating. It’s finally warm and light past 7 pm. You go for a walk after work and it’s lovely. But then you start sneezing. Your nose is running and you have...

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Spring Allergies: 5 Supplements to Get Relief NOW

Do you or someone you love need allergy relief?   All the signs of spring are here: blooming flowers, grass is growing, longer days and… allergies.  Who’s feeling it? Sneezing, stuffy head, malaise, and itchy eyes – we all know the telltale signs of spring. What are...

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Digestion Connection: Weight Loss is influenced by Your Gut

Many of my clients have goals to lose weight. They are expecting me to recommend more vegetables and less sugar but are surprised when we also start talking about their gut. Weight loss is a complicated matter.  It involves a perfect balance of many hormones, food,...

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UPLIFT FEATURE: Nutrition for your Heart

From keeping blood moving through your veins and supplying life-giving oxygen to all of your cells, your heart is a pretty important organ. This February while you're expressing love to others don't forget to love your own heart. Just when you thought you understood...

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Digestion Connection: How Your Gut Affects Your Hormones

  When you think of hormonal imbalances you may not immediately think of digestion. But they are connected in a variety of ways.  In fact many of your hormones are connected to your gut (thyroid, estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, insulin, and cortisol) but...

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