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love what you eat

Do You Love What You Eat?  Your Answer Can Impact Weight Loss

I believe it’s a coffee commercial that shows a woman holding a precious fresh cup of steaming coffee.  Her young kids are running through the house and there is chaos all around her, yet she calmly inhales the aroma of her coffee, takes a slow drink, exhales, and then smiles contentedly. I’m …

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adjust sleep schedule

Adjusting Your Sleep Schedule for Back to School (and other events)

For my family, one of the most difficult transitions about going back to school is adjusting to the new sleep schedule.  Summertime camps generally start later than school schedules.  This also tends to be when we fit in our vacations and trips so traveling across time zones or sleeping in new places …

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is keto right for me

A Balanced Approach to Keto: Is Keto Right for Me?

CNN reported in December that the #1 health-related question that hit Google last year was “What is the Keto Diet?” If you’re still wondering “What is the Keto Diet?”, check out our blog post from December 3rd. The fact that this diet approach has gained popularity and interest is undeniable.  It is …

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what is keto diet

A Balanced Approach to Keto Series: What is the Ketogenic Diet?

Fat What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see that word? Fear? Disgust? Frustration? With all of the history and social-emotional stigma about dietary fat, it does seem surprising that a diet that reaches upward of 75% of your caloric intake from fat has become so popular. Maybe you’ve heard about this …

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