Spring Allergies Relief Supplements

Spring Allergies: 5 Supplements to Get Relief NOW

Do You or Someone You Love Need Spring Allergy Relief?

All the signs of spring are here: blooming flowers, grass is growing, longer days and… allergies.  Who’s feeling it? Sneezing, stuffy head, malaise, and itchy eyes – we all know the telltale signs of spring allergies.

What are allergies and why are you getting them?  Your body has decided that pollen is a dangerous intruder. When you inhale or swallow it your immune system goes into overdrive. The symptoms you feel are a result of your immune’s inflammatory response. To get relief you have to calm the inflammation (and find the other sources). Having seasonal allergies is a sign that your immune system is out of whack, misbehaving and needs a tune up.

My five favorite supplements to get relief NOW.

  1. Vitamin C – Vitamin C is a natural anti-histamine and balances inflammation. 1000 mg 2-3x/ per day with meals.  (If you get loose stool, decrease to 500 mg , 2x/day)
  2. Quercetin – can stabilize mast cells preventing them from secreting histamine and other inflammatory molecules. You can also get small quantities of quercetin from raw apples, onions, broccoli and berries. I like these products which combine vitamin C, and quercetin with other bioflavonoids, natural anti-inflammatories and immune modulators:  Vital Nutrients Aller-C, Vital Nutrients BCQ (great for congestion also), and Pure Encapsulations Aller-Essentials.  Find these at Pharmaca or order from on your Fullscript account.
  3. Cod Liver Oil – the omega-3s EPA and DHA help calm inflammation. Plus cod liver oil has vitamin D, which is important for keeping your immune system in check, and vitamin A, which is key for respiratory & gut barrier health. I like Carlson’s or Nordic Naturals, both at natural grocery stores.
  4. Probiotics – let’s go back to the gut. The 100 trillion microorganisms that live in your gut are very busy. They work hand in hand with your immune cells to control inflammation, help identify friend from foe, fight off pathogens, and neutralize toxins. Probiotics also maintain your intestinal barrier (prevent “leaky gut”) so only nutrients get into the blood stream and toxins (plus pollen) stay out. The field of fascinating research on this topic is exploding. A healthy probiotic population in the gut is essential to a well-behaved immune response. I like VSL#3 sold OTC at the pharmacy at King Soopers, Target, Walgreens, Pharmaca, and even Costco, or Klaire Labs available through me.  Make sure they’re refrigerated.
  5. Diamine oxidase – this is an enzyme, made mostly by intestinal cells, that breaks down histamine. It’s common to be deficient in this enzyme especially if you have other digestive issues. You can supplement with diamine oxidase to help your body break down histamine, which comes from the inflammatory response but is also present in a lot of foods. This is especially helpful if you have other histamine symptoms such as bloat, painful menstruation, vertigo, hives, and heartburn. The company Xymogen makes HistDAO. There are other items that help you make DAO and break down histamine.
    • Xymogen’s Ig 26
    • Omega-3s from fish oil
    • Minerals –specifically copper makes DAO
    • B6 and B5
    • Vitamin C
    • The probiotic Saccharomyces Boulardii
    • Avoid the NSDAID category of pain relievers (Motrin, Advil, aspirin, Aleve) which damage the intestinal cells that make DAO.

Interested in more information on allergy relief?

Hope you find relief and enjoy spring!


Disclaimer: Nutrition therapy is not intended as a diagnosis, treatment, prescription, or cure for any disease, or as a substitute for medical care. Jen Marshall and Stacy St Germain are not licensed medical providers. Nutrition plans are not intended as a substitution for traditional medical care, nor should be interpreted as medical advice, but instead is an adjunctive and supportive therapy.