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Supplements Supporting Weight Loss

Supporting weight loss goals is hard. It needs work on diet and lifestyle, understanding stress, a powerful digestion, and balance of hormones. Weight loss is full of setbacks and plateaus and it takes time. The whole process can be frustrating and exhausting. Positive feedback is a helpful indication you’re on the right track.  In weight …

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Circadian Rhythm Metabolism

What is Circadian Rhythm?

What is Circadian Rhythm? Do you struggle with Falling or staying asleep? Afternoon fatigue? Stubborn weight loss? High blood sugar? You may be experiencing disrupted Circadian Rhythms and some simple changes to lifestyle patterns could be part of the solution. Circadian rhythm is the physical, mental, and behavioral patterns of all animals, plants, and microbes …

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Prebiotics and Prebiotic Foods

Prebiotic Foods Prebiotic foods feed the good “bugs” in your digestive tract to help balance immunity, metabolism, and mood, heal leaky gut and maximize digestion.  One type of prebiotic is from resistant starch.  Dr. Christian’s article provides more information and tips about resistant starch.  Watch for and report any gas or bloating when eating these foods.   …

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New life

This Virus Became Very Personal for Me

The pandemic has impacted everyone in some way – lost jobs, homeschooling, social isolation, economic worries and health concerns. For me it’s been the health aspect. Several of my close friends work in hospitals here in Colorado and back home in Boston. Sadly, several of mine and my friends’ family members have been sick or …

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love what you eat

Do You Love What You Eat?  Your Answer Can Impact Weight Loss

I believe it’s a coffee commercial that shows a woman holding a precious fresh cup of steaming coffee.  Her young kids are running through the house and there is chaos all around her, yet she calmly inhales the aroma of her coffee, takes a slow drink, exhales, and then smiles contentedly. I’m often reminded of this …

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adjust sleep schedule

Adjusting Your Sleep Schedule for Back to School (and other events)

For my family, one of the most difficult transitions about going back to school is adjusting to the new sleep schedule.  Summertime camps generally start later than school schedules.  This also tends to be when we fit in our vacations and trips so traveling across time zones or sleeping in new places play a big factor. All …

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healthy holiday recipes

Healthy AND Delicious Holiday Recipes

Happy Holiday Season! Stacy and I have compiled our favorite holiday recipes.  It’s true – holiday food can be delicious AND healthy.  Whether it’s hosting, entertaining house guests or bringing a dish to share, we’ve got a variety of yummy and seasonal recipes to share.  And that includes desserts too! Enjoy! Stuffed Squash (from Dr …

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healthy Halloween

Halloween Candy: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I recently read a report that said Americans purchase nearly 600 million pounds of candy for Halloween each year!  Another statistic on Halloween candy said that the average American kid consumes about 3 cups of sugar — that’s almost 170 sugar cubes in a single night! Making smart, healthy decisions about candy on Halloween are …

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