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gluten sensitivity testing

Amy lost 21 lbs and counting going gluten-free

When I first met Amy, she told me she’d always battled her weight and was tired of the constant struggle. She said she gains by ...
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Why I Don’t Eat Gluten – my personal story

Why I Don’t Eat Gluten – my personal story A few years ago, I was flying back to Colorado from my original home in Boston. ...
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best sunscreen
Healthy Living

Choosing a Good Sunscreen

Sun exposure is great for your brain, bones, and skin.  It can improve mood and sleep quality plus relieve stress.  It provides all these benefits ...
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travelers diarrhea

Did you come back from Spring Break with more than souvenirs and a tan?

Traveling to foreign places is fun, exciting and full of wonderful new cultural experiences.  Unfortunately, it can be easy to pack home unwanted virus, bacteria, ...
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Bone Broth Recipes

Bone broths are loaded with collagen and gelatin, which are good for skin and joints and instrumental in healing the digestive lining. It’s also loaded ...
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Flu Prevention

Natural Flu Prevention

“This Flu Season is the Worst in Nearly a Decade” Reads the Headline on the New York Times. Are you looking around at all the ...
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